About EMMA Money

Education Management Mindset Action

EMMA Money is here to make you money smart. Money can be made so complex, with EMMA Money we make money simple.

  • Be confident with money. Money is really very simple, let me show you how to make it that way in your life.
  • Live your life to the max. Money and the mind are always the barriers stopping you from living life fully. Let EMMA Money make it simple to achieve.
  • Managing money is one part of the big picture. If you have a rubbish attitude to money then managing it well will not make the changes you desire. EMMA Money will help you to get your head in the right space to take full control.

Is managing your money a problem you just never tackle?

With EMMA Money I make it simple so that you can have more and make more of your money.

With EMMA Money I do the dirty work for you.

Your ‘go to’ resource for all of the information you need to know about money.

Let EMMA Money help create the right habits and beliefs about money to empower you to create changes.

I believe….

  1. That life will throw you curve balls for a reason, how you deal with it is the key.
  2. Live life to the fullest, you have one, be grateful for it.
  3. There’s more to it all than what you see!

One of my favourite quotes is by Steve Jobs. He said in his famous Stanford address, “You can’t connect the dots looking forwards, you can only connect them looking backwards but you some how have to trust that the dots are gonna connect.”

Why did I create EMMA Money?

It’s simple really, I love creating amazing change and inspiring people to do anything! I know what it’s like to be a victim in life, I know what it’s like to be broken, I also know that if you really want something then anything is possible….

The Taboo Subject

Money is the taboo suject that people don’t talk about, because you are just taught you don’t and because they feel stupid……WHY???? How can you be knowledgeable about something you have never been taught about.

Knowledge is King

I know what it’s like to make a huge financial decision with no knowledge and thinking I’m not going to ask as they will think I am stupid! Money can be intimidating and soul destroying, when you let it control you.

Experience Rules

I have had amazing times with money and I really know truly what it is like to be totally, “I’m in the ‘beeeeep’ and both places come with their own challenges. What experience has taught me is to learn from mistakes and apply this so that you do it differently the next time.

The Big WHY!

Since I was little, people have been my thing. I am so intrigued, by behaviour, attitudes and what makes us tick. I love to observe and understand the psychology of why they do things and where that comes from. This part is where I have learned the most.

Attitude of Gratitude

Experience has shown me that whatever life throws at you, be grateful! Even if at the time it seems like the bumest deal EVER…..Trust that there is a reason and you will go far. I know what it’s like to have £10 to my name and know that what you have just isn’t going to cut it. Belief got me to today.

It’s really Simple

The big problem with money is people make it so complicated and the facts are it just isn’t! I spent years watching people make money complicated and make it out to be only for the knowledgable, no it’s for all to understand. EMMA Money was born to make money simple, because it is!

Money in words not numbers….

Make the life you have only dreamed of real by doing money a new way….the EMMA way. I know it’s for everyone and that includes you!

EMMA simplifies the game of money and enables anyone who uses our process to see tangible, ongoing improvement in their financial situation. Taking one small step at a time to ensure the changes stick.

I help you develop your money mindset (because that’s where it all starts) and get a great knowledge about money that will enable you to make much better money decisions.

EMMA Money will show you how to take control of your finances on a day-to-day basis with ease, confidence and that fits in with your life. Even if you are happy with your income, EMMA Money can help you improve on what you have already and make your money work for you.

So it’s simple, it’s everything you’ve been waiting for, and so much much more! The Question is What are you waiting for? Get going today!

Here’s the deal in simple terms. I am on a mission to make money a simple, wonderful and enjoyable part of life. My mission means that people can live in a place of control rather than money controlling them, the challenge was to do something different that would work. Having spoken to 1000’s of people over the years I can see and understand money patterns with just a few questions. I then knew this had to become a way of life; a system to teach, a persona that anyone could relate to, so EMMA was born.

My whole life I have always got a kick out of helping people, inspiring them, making them laugh, smile and well ‘making their day’. If I keep doing that everyday, then eventually I will be a part of what creates a huge change here: healing the world of money sadness. The thing is, you gotta put the work in, the mental work. I took a while to grasp this and when I did well, that’s when it all changed.

Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there with oxygen!

Zig Zigler